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Yoyo-chan grins and bouces into the room where Kooriko is typing.
"Hiyo Kooriko!"
Kooriko jumps up then looks at the other girl and frowns "Leave me alone Yoyo..."
"Awww come on...whatcha doin?"
"Duh, typing what?"
"Egh...fine then!"
Yoyo-chan turns and goes to dig out her sugar and then comes back an hour later, just as Kooriko is printing her "something" out. Yoyo-chan grabs it and runs off to read it with Kooriko chasing her...

A girl named Utena tries to commit suicide and is saved by Dios who gives her a rose signet and takes care of her, Utena then decides to become a Prince to save Princesses.Utena enters the Ohotori Academy seeking the prince who saved her from suicide as a young girl. Placing a ring with a rose crest on her finger, he told her "this ring will lead you to me, one day." That same crest is the symbol for this strange new school. But soon, Utena's ring pulls her into the disturbing world of the student council, who's members meet in sword duels to fight over possesion of The Rose Bride, a girl named Anthy. No one knows what true powers she may have. No one knows who asks them to spar. Chasing castles in the sky, they all have their own reasons to fight for, and as the new Victor of the Duels, Utena will find her destiny and everyone else will find theirs...