Yoyo-chan's Talk Show
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Konnichiha mina-san! I am Yoyo-chan and I welcome you to another chapter in my series of talk shows: Ask Yoyo-chan! You don't think they call me a yoyo for nothing, do you? Anyway back to the show my guest this week is Souji, Mikage(*drool*)...YEA!!!!!

Today my guest is...Mikage-sama!

Yoyo-chan- Welcome to my show Souji-sama and how do you do today? *tries to keep herself busy with notecards so she doesn't fall into a drooling heap of yoyoness*

Mikage-I'm okay...*blinks and smirks*Why aren't you even looking at me Yoko?And why are you calling me...sama?

Yoyo-chan-*drool*Umm...NO REASON!*blink*I call all my guests sama, its a new...thing...yeah THING I'm trying out here, ya know? *drool*

Mikage-Sure...ugh...can we continue?

Yoyo-chan-*pushes her mouth shut with her hand* Yeah sure...*blink*So What have you been up to?I don't see you around as much as I used to anymore...

Mikage-Yeah, well I've beeen kinda busy...*thinks of a way to put it without seeming suspicious*with schoolwork and other stuff, you know the drill.

Yoyo-chan- *nod*Yeah I know...so...how are you liking this school year anyways?It is your last if I remember right and mine too!*grin*

Mikage-*sigh*It has been going fine...My last?*blink*Yeah, I guess your right...

Yoyo-chan- *not really paying attention anymore, so not really CATCHING anything that sounds wrong*Ugh huh...*nod**drool*

Mikage-*looks kinda edgy**Hope she doesn't ask anything else like that...*Are you okay?*waves his hand in front of her face*

Yoyo-chan-*ceaseless drool*

Mikage- *sits back again in the chair and crosses his legs then smirks* Yoko, would you like to go on a date with me?

Yoyo-chan- *snaps right back*What?!

Mikage-*waves his hand* Oh nothing...anything else?

Yoyo-chan-Yes...umm *Think of a reason Yoyo!He MUST stay here!!!He's so cute...*Ummm, yes actually...why don't you tell me about...*searhes in her mind* Your black rose duellists?

Mikage-*blink**How does she know about that?* Ugh, sure. Well thery're basically just cryptic counterparts of the Student Council, aren't you part of that?Well anyway they are those duellists with problems in their lives...*sounding much louder and evil sounding**stands up*And they will help me get rid of the Rose Bride Anthy!*collects himself again and sits back down acting like nothing just happened*

Yoyo-chan-*blink*Yeah...sure...umm...*looks at her watch*Well I'd just LOVE to ask you more but we're running out of time*jumps up and offers her hand to him* We should have get coffee or something sometime and continue this conversation!

Mikage- Umm...yes...*stands up and shakes her hand*"Sometime"...

Yoyo-chan-*grin*Well then I look forward to that and appreciate you being my uest today Souji-sama *bow*I hope to see you around more now and a good rest of the day!!!

Mikage-Yes, I will...thank you for having me Yoyo-chan, but now I must go...*winks and leaves stage left*

Yoyo-chan-*exasperated*He called me...Yoyo-chan!*jumps around frivolously almost falling off the stage, then catches herself and turns back to the audience grinning* This has been Ask Yoyo-chan the center for all your information and squirrel needs!Have a great day and see you next time!And thanks for coming!