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A orange light flashes and you see Yoyo-chan and Kooriko fighting agian this time over awards.
"I have more!"Yoyo-chan yelled
"No I do!"
"You can't have more, because you can't play anything right!"
"I can play better than you!"
"No you can't!"
"Yes I can!"
Then Touga passed by Kooriko immediatly stopped fighting and watched him ignoring Yoyo-chan's tantrum like everyone usually does. Finally Yoyo-chan got fed up with Kooriko and ran to her dorm where she changed from her dueling uniform to shorts and a t-shirt, then she went out to play basketball. Every time she threw the ball it went in the hoop she never missed. About ten minutes later Kooriko came out and took the ball from Yoyo-chan, Yoyo-chan started wailing agian, but she ignored her. Kooriko threw the ball numerous times but always missed, finally she became so fed up with the ball she threw it at Yoyo-chan, the ball bounced off her head and went into the basket. Yoyo-chan fell on the ground her eyes swirling while Kooriko jumped around in victory amost crushing her head.

This is an award we got from our friend Kaye who has just recently moved away. Her it got to hard too manage all of her sites so she had to delete all but one. This award is from her Kitsune site

This is also from Kaye, it was a parting gift to us.

Another by Kaye that my computer messed up.-Yoyo-chan

This is from Sylvia our other friend who has no page she just gave us this.

This is from a really old site of Kaye's that not longer exists

The words aren't showing up but it says: Best Site in the World by: Kaye