In the Closet
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A bright blue light flashes and then rests on a skipping Yoyo-chan as she makes her way down the hall. She stops in front of the closet and pulls the door open as soon as she does so a straight jacket clad Kooriko runs out, Yoyo-chan shrugged and went back to the closet only to be knocked agianst the wall by Akio who then chases after Kooriko. Yoko shrugged agian and looked into the closet for more occupants finding none she looked for and found a pink leatherbound book labeled bluntly PICTURE ALBUM, happy having found her book agian after Kooriko hide it she clicked on the light, plopped on the ground and opened it up:

Yoyo-chan yawns blinks and turns the page to the few last pictures she took...