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The Revolution Countinues...
A light flashes and two girls are seen in duellist uniforms one has shoulder length light blue hair and the other has hair like Touga's except hers is jet black and goes to her knees and her bangs are about three shades lighter than black and are translucent both are fighting over some undisclosed object or fact.

"I want to host!"Yoko yelled at her impending rival

"I get to host because I thought of it!"Kooriko took the object from the other girl and turned to the audience after tossing her hair behind her shoulder, she ignored Yoyo-chan's tantrum like everyone usually did.
"Konnichiha mina-san!I am Kooriko and this little child is my partner Yoyo-chan we will be taking you into our lifes for awhile..."

Yoyo-chan bounces up in front of her and grins having forgotten about her lost battle.

2/18/02-Finished holiday fic

2/19/02 We ordered alittle surprise! When we get them they'll be in the About Us and Our Children sections!

2/20/02- We've been arguing over which Akio would be better as in Cinderella, the evil stepmother or the fairy god mother, we figure Cinderella would be Anthy, Utena the prince and Kozue and Nanami as the evil stepsisters...

2/23/02- We still haven't decided on the above ^.
We took a quiz on which Utena character we're most like and here are the results:

# 1 Mikage (Kooriko-Go figure...)
# 2 Akio
# 3 Juri
# 4 Miki
# 5 Nanami
# 6 Ruka
# 7 Tsuwabuki
# 8 Touga
# 9 Kozue
# 10 Shiori
# 11 Anthy
# 12 Saionji
# 13 Utena
# 14 Wakaba

# 1 Touga (Yoyo-chan- Heh...)
# 2 Anthy
# 3 Ruka
# 4 Juri
# 5 Miki
# 6 Wakaba
# 7 Akio
# 8 Nanami
# 9 Utena
# 10 Saionji
# 11 Shiori
# 12 Tsuwabuki
# 13 Kozue
# 14 Mikage


4/5/02-We're STILL trying to find what Akio would be...anyway our surprise STILL hasn't come in either. Well thats about it anyways...for now

4/30/02- Okay resulting in our fairy tale battle we got Akio as the fairy godmother and Touga as the evil stepmother...well actually I(Yoyo-chan) did, because Kor got fed up with arguing with me...hehe...oh and check my show I got a new guest ^-^

6/11/02- Okay I changed that...it makes more sense for Akio to be the evil stepmother and Touga to be the fairy godmother, of course the writing of this has postponed and probably won't ever happen because we're so busy, but the topic'll always be open incase we want to write on it or you do. Also if YOU write about it please send a copy to us and we'll post it.

8/21/02- Kooriko:School...sucks, Yoko: Very much so... Kooriko: Umm we haven't done anything for awhile except add quizzes Yoko: We just thought we'd tell ya that, afterall we did need to update!!!^-^

1/25/03-Yoko:*Yawn* Its been awhile since we updated last...wow...wwell basically all we've been doing is trying to pass our classes and get all of the pictures and links working on this site...sooooooo thats all. ba bai now!^._.^
6/12/03- Kooriko: school's over and we're updating, yey!Well sometime anyways...I mean I've got profiles on the way, well newer ones at least (^_^). Well, um thats about it...*blushes really, really bright red*Yoko:Is not! *points her finger* You forgot to mention that...Kooriko:Yoyo shut up!*smacks her*Yoko:Ow...*quietly continues* everything wants to hump you *gets louder and grins, counting on her fingers* Akio, Saionji, Tim, Tom, Bob, Jin, Touya,ChuChu _____________<- (insert long endless babble of guys' names) and last but certainly not least...Touga!Kooriko:Eep!You will die!Yoko:*Looks confused and dodges Kooriko then continues talking* Well yeah, we're gonna update and make this place newer and *I* might actually get a layout up here...have to change basically everything to do it but...oh well!See you guys later!Bais!*runs off in an effort to get rid of Kooriko again*

8/7/04-Wow we haven't updated in awhile...but we have for the past few weeks!We fixed all the links, did our OWN profiles, fixed the summary and thousands of other little things!Plus we'll have more fanfiction up soon!BTW-If you have anything you wanna put up here, pictures, fanfiction, poems,quotes, ANYTHING, just send us an e-mail and we'll see what we can do. And if we get enough stuff we'll make a page just for you, our viewers!

E-mail me Yoyo-chan at h-chan@37.com!


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