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Kooriko quickly typed on her computer she finished just as Yoyo-chan bounced in.
"Yes Yoyo-chan?"

"What were the places where our friends live again?"

"I want to talk to them!"
"Okay just...calm down..."
Kooriko starts typing into her computer agian and pulls up a list of addresses which Yoyo-chan copies on her arm. Someone knocks on the door. Kooriko shakes her head at Yoyo-chan and goes to answer it.
" can I help you?"
"I was wondering why Yo-san was so hyper?"
"Oh she just wants to go visit people...umm could you explain to her what paper is?" She pointed at Yoyo-chan who was still writing on her arm.
When he went to talk to Yoyo-chan Kooriko smirked and then turned around.
"You guys visiting us can visit our friends too and please do." She winked and went to help Mikki.
Yoyo-chan turns around "Oh and if you have a site PLEASE link us!" She grins and goes back to writing

Link us please! We'll give you a cookie!^_- We fought over whos to be on the banner and both of us lost so...

*Note* Garney's three sites are not exactly appropriate(Sp?) for younger generations she and I wouldn't reccommend those of you younger people to visit them-Yoyo-chan Umm I'm not sure what to say about this site besides the fact that the wonderful Garney-san made it! -Yoyo-chan
Kiro No Matsuro Wonderful rpg by Garney-san Go see go see! ;)-Yoyo-chan
Fourboys Webcomic Another great and interesting site by Garney-san-Yoyo-chan
Children of the Atom an X-men Evolution RPG Another rpg I'm in by my friend Q *pokes* Go check it! -Yoyo-chan

The Wizarding World A HP rpg by a friend of mine from the COTA rpg: Matt -Yoyo-chan
eternity A Student Council Shrine
Transparent Hair Syndrome Another Touga Shrine
Rinbu Academy
Ohtori Academy
That Which We Call a Rose
Utena Fanfiction Repository
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Beyond Pink A Mikage/Professor Nemuro Shrine