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This page is just nonsense...
Yoyo-chan likes Mikage/ Professor Nemuro

Kooriko likes Touga

Yoyo-chan thinks shes purple

Yoyo-chan thinks dogs are blue

Yoyo-chan thinks Touga os gay

Kooriko thinks Mikage/ Professor Nemuro is gay

Yoyo-chan and Kooriko think Akio is a man whore

Yoyo-chans theme song is Dont Worry Be Happy

Kooriko has no theme song

Yoyo-chan thinks all other flowers besides roses are green

Yoyo-chan does not have a brain

Kooriko has a really small one

Koorikos rose color is pale blue

Yoyo-chans rose color is silver or wine

Yoyo-chan has considered being a Black Rose Duelist

Yoyo-chan is NOT a Black Rose Duelist

Kooriko and Yoyo-chan are both very popular

Kooriko and Yoyo-chan are both single

Kooriko and Yoyo-chan are NOT related

Kooriko and Yoyo-chan share a dorm

Kooriko hates dogs

Yoyo-chan loves dogs

Yoyo-chan loves to sing

Kooriko can not sing

Yoyo-chan can sing

Yoyo-chan is good at sports

Kooriko is not

Kaen/Kaye is a great site designer

Kaen/Kaye is a great singer

Kaen/Kaye is a great guitarist

Hiro is a girl