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Kooriko and Yoyo-chan enter the library and go after books. Yoyo-chan pulled a book off a shelf, opened it up and read the first paragraph:

Hontou wa Utena sama
Kettou wa okirai deshou
Demo sakeru koto ga dekinai iya dakedo
Mata tatakau darou
Kitto sonna ki ga shite kita

Boku wa nigetari shinai
Itsu no hi ka
Subete wakaru toki ga kuru made
Kimi wo mamoritai
Itsuma demo
Sono hohoemi kumoranai you ni

Boku wa nigetarishinai (nanika kara)
Itsu no hi ka (kawatte yuku yokan)
Subete wakaru toki ga kuru made (kiken na kaori)
Kimi wo mamoritai (watashi wo tsutsunde)
Itsuma demo (yume kokochi ni suru)
Sono hohoemi kumoranai you ni (hohoemi nante)
Hanikan da you na (tooi mukashi ni)
Sono hohoemi ga (omoi demo)
Suki dakara (hate ni)
Kimi wo (wasureta)
Mamoritai (hazu na ni)

"Wrong book..."She muttered and put it back up

Kooriko pulled another book off the shelf and opened it:

Tenjou Utena is the heroine of the story. When she was little her parents died and a prince came to her, this prince (Dios) gave her a rose signet.He told her that if she did not lose her strength and nobility, that one day the ring would lead her back to him. She was so impressed by the mysterious prince that she vowed to become a prince herself so that she could save princesses. She's very ambitous in her ways and protects the Rose Bride(Anthy) with her life, she is also the one to challange and defeat Mikage in the end freeing him from Akio's grasp.
(Yoyo likes this fact and likes Utena's...ambition and fighting style but she DOES find her abit irritating.Kooriko is okay with her on a daily basis and hangs out with her almost as much as she does with Juri)
"I found it!"Kooriko called to Yoyo-chan who was across the room.
Yoyo-chan walked across the room, sat down beside Kooriko and started reading:

Himemiya Anthy

Himemiya Anthy is very introverted because of past things. She is the Rose Bride, and becomes "engaged" to whomever wins the duels,because of this she has no free will at all and must do whatever the person she is engaged to asks her to. She ends up being goods friends with Utena(and a romantic interest) and looks oddly like Mamiya, Dios and Akio at certain times.She is very nice and caring however and has a pet mouse thingy named Chu-Chu.(Shes very nice to Yoyo and Kooriko and they really like her and are nice to her too)


Kiryuu Touga 

*drool* Kiryuu Touga is the president of the student council. He is quite throughly a manipulative, cold, playboy. He *thinks* everyone wants him and uses this to his advantage to get what he wants whenever he wants it. Though later on he does get some "balls" and acts alittle bit nicer to people.(He likes to mess with Yoyo's mind and messes with Kooriko's feelings...he KNOWS she wants him)

Saionji Kyouichi

Saionji Kyouichi is the vice-president of the student council and the captain of the kendo club. In the begining he is engagged to Anthy and is very mean to her even though he does really care about her.His "best friend" is Touga (wow...)and really doesn't like losing to him...or anyone else.(And he really doesn't like the hyper butt Yoyo-chan, he's "okay" with Kooriko though (^^))
Arisugawa Juri

Arisugawa Juri is on the student council and captain of the fencing club. She no longer has faith in anything (exspeacially miracles)and is a really cold person (exspeacially to Yoko) and she lost her love(Shiori) long ago because she didn't say how she felt. Some say she wants to posses the rose bride to disprove the power of miracles, or to get her love back. (Kooriko's other best friend she's ALWAYS with her just about, they share opinions on many things like a disliking of Yoyo-chan's hyperness. She doesn't really like Yoyo-chan all that much and tends to avoid her and vice versa for Yoko)


Kaoru Miki

Kaoru Miki is the only one in junior high to be on the student council. He is a genius and studies at the high school level and is a virtuoso on the piano. He is always looking for the thing he calls his "shining thing" and used to play the piano with his sister(Kozue)even though she had no talent. Of course he always made up for her. Once they had a concert to play together but mikki fell ill and Kozue took off from the stage never to play again. Miki's shinning thing is the feeling he had when he played piano with his sister in their garden. It was the time when he was truly happy. (Mikki thinks Yoko is extremely strange but is still nice to her and she likes him because of that. Kooriko likes him as well because he is friendly and constantly uses him to keep Yoyo-chan off her back)


Kiryuu Nanami

Kiryuu Nanami is the little sister of Touga. Originally, she is not on the student council, but she is later chosen as a duellist and thus joins the student council. She has three "friends" who follow her around and her favorite things to do are to tormeny Anthy and and keep EVERYONE away from her brother because she REALLY loves him.But this is only because he is the only one who has ever really loved and protected her. She looks up to him and is afraid that if anyone comes between her and her brother, that she will lose him. Like her brother, she comes across as a very, very cold hearted person but ends up quite nice. (Kooriko HATES this girl and the feeling is mutual.Yoyo-chan is SLIGHTLY scared of her and tends to stay away and the feeling is mutual.)


Shinohara Wakaba

Wakaba is very genki and likes to jump on Utena in places where she could fall and hurt herself. The two are best friends and she REALLY likes Saionji but the feeling is unrequited.(Yoyo-chan hangs out with her alot of the time because shes almost as hyper as her and she thinks Saionji should like her back. Kooriko is okay with her but tends to stay far away when both are together.)

Tatatsuki Shiori

Shiori went to Ohtori Acadamey when she was in junior high. Her, Juri, and an unnamed guy were always together. The guy loved Juri but Shiori took him away from her. It turns out that Shiori went out with the guy because she was jealous of Juri and wanted to take something away from her, just once. Shiori told Juri "Believe in miracles and they will know your feelings" When Shiori went out with the guy, it turned Juri away from faith forever, for she lost Shiori, the one she loved. (I think that works...credits at the bottom of the page)(Kooriko and Yoko never really knew Shiori even though they've both seen and heard of her.)


Kaoru Kozue 

Kozue is a...prostitute...she really gets around. She used to use her brothers piano playing talents but as explained above ^^^ no longer plays.There's really nothing else left to say. (Yoyo and Kooriko dislike her and the feeling is mutual)


Ohtori Akio

Ohtori Akio is the assistant trustee chairman of Ohtori Acadamey. He was appointed to the position becasue he is engaged to Ohtori Kanae, the daughter of the trustee chairman. He is often "around" many of the females at Ohtori and is very manipulative. He is Anthy's older brother and bith she and Utena move in with him later on in the series.He manipulates Professor Nemuro(bleh!)as well. (He likes to hump Kooriko and she dislikes him and Yoko just stays away)


Dios is the apparition that appears from the castle in the sky when Utena duels to help her win the duel. And the prince who she met when she was little. (Don't know him)

---------------------------------------------Souji Mikage

Mikage is a genius who runs the Black Rose Society and he is really Professor Nemuro. He hangs out with a boy named Mamiya(Tokiko's brother) who is very ill and looks like Anthy.He selects people with troubled hearts and uses their negative feelings to turn them into Black Rose duelists in hopes of defeating Utena and gaining the revolution.(Nemuro/Mikage is always looking for enternity for Mamiya and wants to kill Anthy.) (Yoko LOVES him and he is slightly aware aware of this and Kooriko despisdes him even though he thinks she's "decent" enough)


Chida Mamiya

Mamiya is a young boy who works with Mikage to bring the revolution. He wears an outfit that is looks just like the dress of the Rose Bride except that it is in the form of a boys suit. He grows black roses that he uses to make people black rose duellists. He is the ill little brother of Tokiko Nemuro's love in the past.(Only Yoko is aware of his prescence between the two)


Chida Tokiko

Tokiko is a researcher who worked with Nemuro on the Eternity Project. Her younger brother id Dios and she tries to find a cure for him. Nemuro had an unrequited love for her and from her betrayal to him came Mikage. (Don't know her)


The Black Rose Duelists
These are people that were manipulated by Mikage to become a black rose duelist. All of them had something or someone in their life that troubled them and caused negative feelings. Mikage used these bad feelings towards someone/thing else to convince them that if they became a black rose duelist, they would be able to fix their problem.


Kagee Shoujo

The kagee shoujo, or shadow play girls, consist of A-ko, B-ko and C-ko. A-ko wears her hair in in two pigtail type things, B-ko wears her hair with a ribbon, and C-ko (seen less than the other two) wears her hair in a pony tail. A-ko and B-ko act together, and C-ko acts solo. They are always acting out one play or another behind a rose printed screen. It's funny how the subject of their play always is similar in theme to what is going on in the episode.



ChuChu is Anthy's pet he's a...mouse thingy. He follows her everywhere and wears cute little clothes and will eat basically anything. He is also scared of the dark. (Yoyo-chan thinks he's cute and Kooriko finds him quite annoying)


Yoko Kina

Yoko is well...insane to put it lightly. She has lots of energy and never ceases to be hyper. No one knows anything about her past even er closest friends, everyone tends to think she had a bad past and is covering it up with the energy. She's a duellist and has come very close to becoming one of the Black Rose duellists just to get close to Mikage who she likes(alot). On her duelling she is very good, but each time she wins she refuses to take the rose bride which is another reason why she is found strange. Either way she has perfect grades, talents in atheltics and music(vocals and piccalo), tends to glomp everybody and lots of energy!


Kooriko Shinzui

Kooriko is one of Yoyo-chan's closest friends, her past is primely one of a spoiled only child, which is why she comes off as snobbish at times. Unlike Yoko however she has trouble with her grades and tries her best to keep them up, though it takes alot of work. Kooriko is also a duellist and part of the fencing club. She's not as talented or as vocal as Yoyo but like her has many friends and other talents.

Juri walked in a few minutes after the two were done and walked over to Kooriko and whispered to her as Yoyo-chan shelfed the book. When Yoyo-chan came back she asked "What are you two talking about?"
"Its nothing Yoko-san..."Juri answered
"She's just telling me about the fencing meeting coming up." Kooriko replied
"Oh..."Yoyo-chan then went off the pester Mikage. Kooriko and Juri both sighed deeply.

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