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 Check it out!A story! And it's gonna be a really long one too!!!!(^^)


A Vacation of High Standards


Thursday: Calculus, Fifth Period-


“It’s almost spring vacation!” Yôko jumped around the classroom happily as everyone else filed in mutely. At this point in the day no one was very…up and happy like Yoyo-chan, after all it was only fifth period. There was one more to go. All of a sudden a hand came down and smacked the black-haired girl on the head, it belonged to Saionji. Yôko collapsed on the ground her eyes swirling while everyone else just kind of looked at her and occasionally snickered. Saionji shook his head and smirked then spoke insensitively “It’s only fifth period Yoyo-chan. Calm down already.” Yoyo, regaining herself made a motion to slap him but was stopped in midair when the professor shouted for her to take her seat and leave ‘Saionji-sempai’ alone. The girl groaned and took her seat beside Kooriko groaning the whole time as she crossed the room. She rubbed her head and looked at her friend who was staring open-mouthed at Touga in front of her. “That desk is getting more action than you ever will…with HIM at least…” Kooriko stopped her mid-sentence and slapped her upside the head leaving an imprint on the side of her face “That’s not true and you know it Yoyo!” “Egh…” (x_x). “Yôko Kina! Kooriko Shinzui! Calm down right this instant and start your notes!” The professor blared across the room “You two are examples to the class after all you ARE on the Student Council…understand?!” Kooriko and Yoyo-chan nodded blushing as everyone else in the room looked and snickered at them. “Hegh…” Yoyo-chan sighed as she took out her notebook and started taking down the notes, this was gonna be a LONG period…


Thursday: Student Council Meeting-


Happy once again and unslapped/hit and/or maimed, Yôko made her way to the Student Council Meeting the seitokai himself, Touga at her side. Kooriko had gone ahead sense their sixth periods were different so it was just easier for them to meet up at the meeting, Yoyo-chan had met the red haired playboy outside of her class in the hallway and he had decided to walk to the meeting together. They were both talking about random stuff that didn’t make much sense to anyone else as they entered the bright but rather blank room and took their seats along with everybody else at the round table. Or actually Yôko took her seat, Touga stayed standing in front of the table and began talking, the crowd at the table was hushed,,, all except Kooriko who was  bombarding Yoyo-chan with questions or actually STATEMENTS about her walk with Touga-kun. The Seitokai cleared his throat and Kooriko snapped right back to attention basically melting in her seat, Yôko merely snickered and tapped the table with her pen. Touga continued:

“As you all know Spring vacation is coming up and lasts about a week, a week with which we can go ANYWHERE we want off campus…”

“And?” Saionji interrupted, not seeing the point in this meeting, EVERYONE knew this after all.

“And, things are a little different this year. Before we were allowed to go anywhere even out of this town, but this year no one is allowed to leave the town just Ohtori Academy grounds, I spoke to Akio about this this morning. Any questions so far?” He pushed his hair away from his face in the way that always made Kooriko blush. No one spoke up…but Yôko. “Why Touga-san?” She stopped tapping the pen and looked around the table.  “Because of everything that happened last year…actually because some of the students didn’t come back after fall break. When they actually appeared it was close to winter break…”

“Wow…we have a lot of breaks come to think of it…I understand, so this is so if we don’t return Akio-sama can find us since we’ll be around town right?”

“Correct Yoyo-chan…” Touga smiled and winked even though it wasn’t the cleverest deduction. “I see, how stupid. But I guess it’ll work.” Juri stated and everyone else nodded. “So it is the Student Council’s duty to inform everyone else of this, your duty has been said. Meeting closed.” Everyone nodded again and scattered, talking amongst themselves. Some stayed back to talk to Touga and some left like Yoyo-chan and Kooriko who headed out to spread the word. Yoyo knew exactly who she would tell first even though he probably already knew, she mumbled a few more things to Kooriko about their mission and their dorm then waved and took off towards Nemuro Hall…kind of Kooriko grabbed her hand as she waved “Where are YOU going?” “To tell Souji-sempai about the break…” She wiggled her hand around “Why are you gonna do that…just him?!” She wretched her hand free “Yeah, bai!” She grinned and took off again.



To be continued…